The Metal Gear Rising demo has been released  on Xbox live and PSN but does it live up to the standard of the Metal Gear series?

The impressions on the demo is that Konami and Platium Games have definitely tried to make a very unique action adventure experience that branches out from the Metal Gear stealth formula while keeping the staples of what makes Metal Gear…Metal Gear!  After the many play throughs I have had it felt like a different Metal Gear experience but with a huge twist of it being focused on action, a lot of action. The action is very sword focused gameplay, with a little stealth element, but there isn’t any knock out the bad guys, there is simply slice and dice and kill everyone. The game definitely has some great features, the sword free attack is really awesome whenever you slice and dice enemies into nothingness, and the assassinations are some of the most brutal I have seen in most games nowadays.

Now being a Metal Gear game, this game also does have an interesting learning curve, there is no blocking, there is instead parrying when you counter their attacks, it can definitely cater to the hardcore action junkies because it requires perfect precision timing. The tutorial didn’t really teach me how to parry it just showed how to do the precision slicing in slow mo. Now the graphics are definitely mixed at times, the character detail is amazing but the environments are hit and miss, but this is just a demo.  The game is indeed fun but this small taste makes me wonder what else is really there for this new Metal Gear game. I definitely believe this could be a solid action game but right now my feelings are mixed because it does have some good things for it like the sword action, and difficulty, but the graphics and the iffy cheesy character dialog could definitely keep many away. We will see what else the full game has in store for us when it lands on February 8th.