Quantic Dream has released the cover art for the much anticipated game Beyond: Two Souls- putting Hollywood, and in game actress, Ellen Page center stage! The title, featuring actor and actress duo Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, releases this October exclusively for Sony’s Playstation 3!

While releasing the cover, Quantic Dream had this to say:

“Ultimately, we decided on the packshot you see above because it felt sophisticated, mature and different from most traditional game packaging, and it really captures the emotion Ellen Page conveyed in her performance as Jodie. The image of Jodie at peace in the eye of the storm really speaks to her constant battle with the incredible gift she’s been given.”


This game looks and already feels like its going to be an emotional and beautiful game, which might lead to a must pick up when the time comes around!

Beyond: Two Souls will be screened at this years Tribeca Film Festival Saturday, April 27th. The screening will be followed by a live streamed panel including writer/director David Cage and Ellen Page.  Find details here!

Source: Playstation Blog Image Source: My Playstation Wallpaper

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