In an extensive interview with Gamasutra, DayZ creator Dean Hall revealed that the stand-alone title is currently in closed Alpha testing, and vaguely explained details of its pricing structure.

“So what we’re doing at the moment is, we gave free keys as a gift to the forum moderators, the Reddit moderators, people who helped out with DayZ development, and stuff like that,” Hall explained during the interview, adding. “I guess there’s about 30-100 people involved with that.”

DayZ will not officially release in Alpha mode until at least June, according to Hall; but he did mention how the game’s pricing structure will work when it releases. ”People pay X amount of dollars and they get early, cheap access to it, and then once it’s beta, price goes up, maybe, say, $10, and once it goes retail, the price goes up $10.”

Check out the full interview with Hall here, and let us know if you’re excited for the release of a DayZ stand-alone!

Source(s): Gamasutra and EGM


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