The official release date for FIFA 14 has been announced. The game will release in Europe for 360, PS3, and PC on September 27th, with PS4 and One dates being later in 2013. EA has also announced numerous preorder specials for the game. Customers that choose to buy the Ultimate Edition from Amazon will get 24 gold packs for Ultimate Team, which will be given out at a rate of one per week for 24 weeks. These gold packs will be a random assortment of 12 items which can include, players, stadiums, staff, balls, and kits. The players in these kits are ranked 75 and higher, and each pack will also include a rare item.


Preordering at GameStop will get players the Limited Edition of FIFA 12, and the game also features 24 gold packs, but players will get 2 rare items each week. This edition will also come in a steelbook case. On top of all of that, is the Game Special Edition, exclusive only to Game stores. This edition will come with everything the Limited does, but also gets an Adidas EA Sports glider football. Playstation 4, and Xbox One versions are also in development but have not had a release date set for either console. The game will run on EA’s newly announced engine, Ignite.

Source: Gamespot

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