What is Fuse? Fuse is an alien substance used in the future for many different things such as weapons and different gadgets. The game centers around four agents, all of whom you can play as throughout the game. Each character comes with their own Fuse empowered weapon. Dalton Brooks, the character I chose, uses a Mag Shield, which absorbs bullets that are shot at it, and it’s secondary fire shoots those bullets back at the enemies, killing them.


Fuse is a third-person shooter, feeling a lot like Gears of War. In the demo, you get to play two small portions of the game, one towards the beginning, and the other part later on in the game. The game itself is beautiful, all of the details, the AI, and the gunfights are very well done. You start out by picking one of the four characters, getting to swap between them at any given time during the single player campaign. A cutscene begins telling some of the background of the story, introducing the Raven Corporation, and introducing the characters.


Your first objective in the game, is to shut off the power in an area filled with enemies so you can enter the Raven Corporation through a group of vents. The amount of enemies seems never-ending, and you are fighting countless enemies for several minutes. There are many different snipers, and normal assault soldiers. The snap-to-cover movement is very fluid and feels almost natural. The battle sequence itself is pretty intense, and very enjoyable. You have deployable cover grenades that you can throw out at any time you’d like. These grenades definitely come in handy when you are under heavy fire. Finally getting through the enemies, you enter the building which triggers a load screen telling the player that you are being forwarded to another awesome part of the demo, this message includes some “subliminal messaging,” telling the player to buy Fuse.


The second part of the demo introduces you to two different mechanized enemies. The “Leadfoot” and “Leadburner.” This fight also takes several minutes to finish because you need to facilitate the use of the cover system, and keep running around trying to stay alive. The Leadfoot has a mini-gun that it uses very well, and the Leadburner is exactly what it sounds like, a flamethrower toting mech. The enemies also drop turrets which you have to take out if you want to survive this sequence. Once you complete this fight, the demo is just about over.


Overall, this was one of the best demos I’ve played recently, and I will definitely play it again. I’m kind of excited to play with three other people, and see how the multiplayer aspect of the game feels. The game releases May 28th in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and releases in Europe May 31st. Go download the Fuse demo, and check it out!

Image Source: Softpedia, Structure Gaming, Joystiq, Game HD Wall

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