Ben Kilgore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, spoke to Polygon after the live announcement of the Xbox One yesterday. One of the topics of conversation was how the Xbox One would handle save games since it is heavily reliant on a multitasking system.

“One of things that we haven’t talked about is the way the saved game architecture works,” said Kilgore. “It’s more like a phone a little bit. So you are not going to lose your save game stuff as you are switching between tasks.”

Even though the console has this instant save and resume feature for all games, Kilgore said it would still be up to each individual developer to decide whether or not to include traditional save points into their games.

Kilgore went on to give examples of how easy the save system works, saying that someone could stop playing a game for a day then come back, say “Xbox on”, and the Xbox One would “bring you right back to where you were in the game.”

Xbox One also features a universal pause feature by saying “Xbox pause.” This feature will work for all media, games, movies, TV, or music.

Sony announced their upcoming console, the Playstation 4, would also feature an auto save and resume feature at their press conference in February. It seems like all the major hardware developers are taking a page out of the smartphone book, which allows for instant saves.

This is a great addition to both consoles. There are always unseen circumstances that can cause someone to lose all progress during a game. Hopefully we will never have to worry about that again with these new consoles.

Source: Polygon

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