After finding out that used game activation fees for the Xbox One will be left up to the publisher to impose, both Bethesda and Sega have said that they are undecided on whether or not they will make users pay the fee or not at this time.

“We haven’t had time to fully understand and evaluate their policy,” said a Bethesda representative.

Sega seems to be completely avoiding the issue at the time. Here is a statement from a Sega rep, “I am not sure we’re even prepared for a comment as we haven’t even announced any next-gen titles yet. Stay tuned.”

It is clear that Microsoft’s used game policy is causing a lot of apprehension throughout the industry. Used game sales definitely hurt the publishers and developers of the game, but choosing to impose a fee could cause a long lasting backlash from the gaming community that could cripple a company.

CEO of Take-Two Entertainment Strauss Zelnick says that there is a 3rd option for used game sales, block them for a certain amount of time.

“If you can keep the game in consumer’s hands for 8 weeks, you almost don’t care anymore about used game sales because it’s the first 8 weeks that really nail you,” says Zelnick.

What do you think about Microsoft’s new used game policy, and do you think many publishers will choose to impose the fee? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gamespot

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