After Sony’s E3 conference, its pretty clear who a vast majority of gamers are going to say won the inevitable console battle (don’t worry Microsoft, we still love you and the Xbox One!). The company, in clear shots to Microsoft’s gut, announced that the Playstation 4 will not require an always online connection and they will not be placing restrictions on used games.

Current Playstation Plus members don’t need to worry about their memberships carrying over to the next generation consoles, the service will make the move to the Playstation 4 once it launches.  All three consoles (Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita) will be included under one membership price. Playstation 4 Plus members will receive one free game a month beginning with Don’t Starve, following with Outlast. Plus members will also have access to an exclusive Drive Club: PlayStation Plus Edition from launch day. No additional details were revealed for the edition.

Playstation Plus isn’t the only feature from Sony seeing cross-overs and bundles. Telltale’s The Walking Dead bundle for Sony’s tragically under-appreciated handheld device, the Playstation Vita, will see a release in August; set to include all five episodes from Season One, and the upcoming 400 Days DLC. The Vita is also set to receive HD ports of God of War 1 & 2, Final Fantasy X and X-2FlowerDead Nation and other currently unannounced titles.

Sony hasn’t forgotten about its current generation system; the company announced a Grand Theft Auto V Playstation 3 bundle! The bundle, priced at $299, will include the full retail version of the game, a Playstation 3 console and a Grand Theft Auto V branded headset.

The Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited services has been confirmed to be live from launch day of the Playstation 4. Redbox and Flixster will be available on Sony’s Playstation devices.

Sony finally showed off the physical console! Shaped like a trapezoid, the overall design is sleek but it is relatively un-revolutionary.

Concluding the conference, Sony CEO Andrew House happily announced the Playstation 4 release date of Holiday 2013, with the console priced at $399!

Source: Polygon and EGM

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