What we have seen so far of Naughty Dog’s upcoming title The Last of Us has primarily been the single player aspect of the game, however, it was confirmed that The Last of Us does have a multiplayer aspect as well. No information about multiplayer had been released, until now. With review copies in hand we are seeing more and more information about multiplayer come out and from what we can tell, it is going to be great.

The multiplayer mode is called “Factions” and it is split between two main game types. The premise of the games are to survive and thrive in the post apocalyptic world The Last of Us is set in. The multiplayer allows you to chose a “clan” to be a part of which include yourself and a group of survivors. It is up to you and the others to gather enough supplies over a series of days and weeks. Each match you play will represent one day and everything that happens in your matches will translate into supplies and abilities. Each game type allows up to eight players max with two teams of four and has seven maps.

The two game modes featured in multiplayer are called Supply Raid and Survivors. Supply Raid is a game type in which the goal is to collect supplies via scavenging. You have twenty lives in which your collected supplies and anything crafted or purchased carries over. Survivor, however, is a bit more of a challenge because you are only given one life, once you die you are dead until the end of the round which is a total of seven rounds for each match.

The game also includes a great amount of customization. You are able to change your characters appearance with various hats, masks, helmets as well as gestures. However, your customization ability is based on the work you put in as you have to unlock these customizations. The game also has four default weapon load-outs (assault, support, sniper, and stealth) and four slots for customized weapons.

Additional abilities include crafting which is seen through out the single player aspect, Sharpshooter 3 which gives you less scope sway and health regeneration from sniper head shots, knowing when you have been spotted or “marked” as well as one-use boosters.

The Last of Us is scheduled to release on June 14, 2013 for PlayStation 3. A demo for the game is available to download right now. Take a look at the first screenshots from the game below!

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