Bethesda may have moved on from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to focus on new things, but fans of the title continue to create impressive mods, like nineteen year old Alexander J. Velicky’s massive creation Behind Falskaar.

Behind Falskaar includes an entirely new land mass, twenty-six additional quests consisting of nine main and seventeen side, new items, spells, new shout, full soundtrack and features a fully voiced cast.

Velicky, along with a hundred others contributing aspects such a voice acting etc, created the mod to enhance his resume for a job with Bethesda. “[My dad] was incredibly supportive and allowed me to live here, paying for living expenses and charging no rent,” Velicky said . “I was able to not go to school and not have a day job. Meaning, more or less, that Falskaar was my day job.”

Check out the Behind Falskaar gameplay trailer and download the mod here!

“I’m afraid we may be at war again and not even know it.”

Source: Shacknews Image Source: PC Gamer

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