The gameplay video for Destiny, that was shown at E3, was released last week by Bungie. They just released a new version of the trailer, including developer commentary. If you were looking for a little more information about what exactly is going on in the trailer, albeit not much information, check out this new video.

Two of Destiny‘s environmental artists, Mike Zak and Mark Peterson, sit with technical art director Ryan Ellis and provide commentary for the 11 minute video. The video shows the first player, who is playing the Warlock class, being dropped off in Old Russia. Player 1 is soon joined by Player 2, who is playing the Hunter class. The two players enter the wall, which the team informs viewers was built to protect colony ships, and begin fighting with the Fallen. The Fallen is one of Destiny‘s many NPC colonies, and are the main enemy in this video.

Later on in the video, one of the game’s Public Events is initiated, when a Fallen ship warps into the atmosphere. The incoming ship causes a massive shock wave and destroys some radio towers in the distance. The two players are joined by a third, and soon after two more players come into the area for the Event. All of the players head off to start fighting with the Fallen, and the Destiny team discusses a new Fallen addition to the fight. A Devil Walker is dropped off by a Fallen ship, and the team goes into a little detail about what to expect with this boss.

Check out the new video below!

Source: Shack News

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