Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain has confirmed that their hit Xbox Live title State of Decay would be arriving on PC later this year.  They game itself will be part of Steam’s early access program.  To those unfamiliar with it, early access a service offered by Steam that allows users to purchase or play games that are still in development.  As they game, players can provide feedback to developers and be with them every step of the way as they add and update content.  Initially, State of Decay will only support game play on a control pad but the end goal is to have mouse and keyboard controls also available.

Strain also confirmed that while the PC version will have a few extra features in the form of higher resolution and enhanced graphics, “The PC version will not have different content or features, however.”  He went on to add, “What the PC version also won’t have are modding tools (for time/testing reasons), but we have no objection to mods or modders, and we look forward to seeing what our PC players come up with.”  While it seems like this may initially set back the modding community, much like life in the original Jurassic Park movie, a modder finds a way.

State of Decay released earlier in June as a downloadable game through Xbox Live and has since sold over half a million copies.  The game centers around the player trying to survive as long as possible in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak.  This is done by gathering up survivors, supplies and setting up outposts.  They game takes place in an open world area, with all resources having a finite amount within the map.  This adds a bit of extra challenge for players trying to stay alive and complete the game’s story.

Source: RockPaperShotgun   Image Source: JumptoGamer

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