Previously we mentioned that the newest DLC character to be released for Injustice: Gods Among Us would be Zatanna.  She enters the fray as the 6th downloadable character, joining the ranks of Zod, and Martian Manhunter.

But along with the additional character, the Zatanna DLC pack will also come included with an alternate skin for Superman.  Hank Henshaw will appear as the cyborg superman.

Henshaw first made his appearance during the early days of Superman back in 1990, as part of a doomed space flight that was bombarded with radiation and solar flares.  The crew members all suffered mutations and eventually took their own lives unable to cope with the changes.

Henshaw survived as a disembodied consciousness able to control machines.  This allowed him to stage his return during Reign Of the Supermen!  which followed the infamous death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.

Henshaw returned claiming himself to be the original Superman, whose body had been partially rebuilt using kryptonian technology after the fight with Doomsday.  Now gamers will be able to take on the other DC heroes and villains as the man of tomorrow himself.

The Cyborg Superman skin will also be available for free as part of the compatibility pack for Zatanna which is due out on August 13th.


Source: egmnow


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