According to Half-Life series voice actor John Patrick Lowrie, Half-Life 3 is not currently in development (at least to his knowledge), cue the bevy of disappointed sighs.

Lawrie, in the comments section of his personal blog, notes issues with motion capture, among other things, are holding the title back. “One of the great things about HL2 is that all of the characters that you meet actually look at you when they talk to you no matter where you go or stand. With mo-cap you can’t do that, at least not yet,” Lowrie said.“Once you film the actor doing something and capture that motion, that’s what the character is going to do. This works great in movies, but when you make something interactive it gets way less interactive with mo-cap. So that’s one of the things they’re working on.”

He was a bit more blunt with his response to a ‘HL3 Confirmed’ comment, “Sorry, I’m afraid that the opposite is true. HL3 is not being worked on at this time as far as I know.”

Lawrie emphasized that Valve has a full portfolio of games its continuing to support, along with the Steam distribution platform. “So, I don’t want to get people’s hopes up,” he said. “I have no idea what they’re planning for the future. But I did have that conversation with some Valve folks, so I thought you might like to know what they’re thinking about.”

Source: Gamespot Image Source: Kotaku

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