Blizzard has just announced the newest expansion for Diablo III earlier today at Gamescom, Reaper of Souls.  The new expansion will focus on the story of Maltheal, the once angel of wisdom turned angel of death.

In the trailer we see a now human Tyrael attempting to safeguard the black soulstone.  Tyrael and the horadrim barely manage to set it down before they are set upon by Maltheal who effortlessly makes his way through the horadrim and takes possession of the soul stone.  It then falls to the nephalim to stop him.

Blizzard has stated that this time around dungeons would offer more randomization to keep players interested and encourage multiple runs.  Also changing is the transition system between levels, which will now allow players to switch between areas seamlessly.

Along with the new map layout, Blizzard has promised to overhaul the loot system, offering players less white common drops.  The new drop system also promises to include more “smart drops,” or rather, more items that are tuned for a player’s specific character.

While this means a lesser chance for legendary drops, they will be more balanced out as a whole.  Hopefully this means no more level 30 intelligence bows dropping on your witch doctor at level 50.

Another addition to Reaper of Souls is the new Crusader class, who acts as a melee fighter.  Based on gameplay, the character looks like a Templar styled warrior who relies on a shield and flail while smiting enemies with mid-ranged magic attacks.

Fans can also expect the lever cap to be raised to 70, as well as the addition of new monsters and weapons..  No other information has been released yet, but fans can keep tabs on their teaser site for more information.

Source:  PC Gamer

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