If the console wars have taught us anything, it’s that gamers don’t like change.  While Microsoft was on the receiving end of bad press regarding changes on the Xbox policies, Sony might be getting a bit of their own fan complaints.

Sony’s PlayStation Blog recently released a FAQ to answer some popular questions about the system.  While most of the FAQ highlights the new features available for the system, it also addresses some key functionality that has been removed.

This time around, the PlayStation 4 will not support the play of MP3 files from any storage device, playback of audio CD’s or DLNA streaming.  This hampers the PlayStation 4’s ability to function as a media server, which some would argue helped serve as a selling point for the previous PlayStation 3 console.

While it seems baffling that Sony would remove these feature which was once present, their reasoning might become more apparent by looking further down the FAQ.  One particular question asks “Will I be able to play background music while I play PS4 games?” 

Sony’s responds, “Yes, the Music Unlimited streaming service will allow you to listen to music while you play PS4 games. A subscription to Music Unlimited is required.”  

The argument can be made that several features which were removed have been done so in favor of their paid subscription counter parts.  Time will tell if this will have a negative impact on PlayStation 4 sales and whether it will be redacted by Sony.

Sony has not commented directly on the negative feedback given by some fans.

The PlayStation 4 launches on November 15th this year.

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