A new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that shows off a host of new character costumes and locations was released today.

The “Special Effects” trailer is Square Enix’s way of saying “Hey, look at all this cool stuff we added in our new game!”, and to their credit, the trailer does rekindle a little fire that was extinguished after Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The new costumes look pretty cool, and it looks like the game will take you to some pretty interesting locations, but the one thing that really grabbed me was the pre-order costume that you get for Lightning. The costume was actually announced a few months ago, but every time I see it I smile a little bit. Here take a look for yourself.FF13-01

It’s Claire Strife!! Yes, Claire “Lightning” Farron will get a Soldier outfit to match everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy VII hero, Cloud Strife. Thissmall addition alone was enough to draw me into this game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set to release for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2014. You can see the new “Special Effects” trailer below.


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