Owners of a Nintendo 3DS and Wii U rejoice! There finally is a connection between the two. The long awaited update for the 3DS, this being version 7.0, will let you log into the handheld with a Nintendo Network ID. This doesn’t take into account whether you create an account for the first time or carrying it over from the Wii U, you will finally be able to have a unified account. This is of course the way it was meant to happen, however there have been reported issues. Apparently there are some connections errors with Nintendo, some kind of network issues.

The update also will switch on support for the Miiverse social network. This launched alongside the Wii U which then later came to web browsers. The Miiverse now has an icon added to the top row on the lower screen. What this means is the Miiverse can now be access in game, like any other browser and apps, and with it you can now post screenshots and messages. Another very helpful tweak includes the removal of the limit on transferring 3DS data to a new console, which originally could only be done five times. The camera also had a little adjustment, which again is a well needed convenience, that will now allow users to launch the camera from the home screen by pressing L and R at the same time.

Source: The Verge

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