Edge of Reality is a well known developer in the gaming industry. They have earned a good reputation in the industry by contributing to top quality games like Mass Effect, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, The Sims, and Dragon Age, but they had never released a game of their own. Well, that fact is about to change once their free to play Loadout releases on January 31st.

Loadout is the realization of 15 years of work in the gaming industry and Edge of Reality CEO Rob Ford knows how big it is to finally release their first full game. “We couldn’t be more excited to open it up to the masses,” said Cohen in a press release. “We started this as a passion project, working on it when we could, and trying to create something original and truly player-friendly. What we’ve got now is a game that’s a blast to play, quick and easy to get into, and empowers players with insane amounts of customization.”

The insane customization that Cohen mentions could feature up to 44 billion different weapons combinations when paired with Loadout‘s unique weapon crafting system.

You can reserve your game name now through the Loadout website, or you can pick up the game when it releases in full on Steam. You can see the Early Access launch trailer below.


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