The next must-have title for the Xbox One, Titanfall, had a very successful launch of it’s open beta on February 15th. While the beta only lasted a few days, Feb. 15th-19th, a staggering 2 million players clocked in hours on their Xbox One consoles or PCs.

This statistic comes from Abbie Heppe, who is community manager for the company behind Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment. With so many players attending the beta, it was a good test of Xbox Live compute, which is Microsoft’s Cloud computing technology that we haven’t gotten a chance to see much of yet at this point. Jon Shiring, an engineer at Respawn Entertainment, told Polygon, “Forza used it a little bit, but they weren’t as reliant on it as we are.” He then went on to speak of his own game by saying, “The game is completely reliant on it. If it’s down, nobody can play.”

While the number of gamers that played in the beta is a blessing in regards to debugging the game, it also had it’s downside considering that certain people discovered additional maps hidden in the code that have yet to be released by Respawn to the public.

For those who couldn’t play the beta, you won’t have to wait long to play. Titanfall is set to be released March 14th of this year.

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