Nekro began as a kickstarter endeavor back in 2012, drawing inspiration from games like Myth: The Fallen Lords, Giants: Citizen Kabuto and others.  The team at darkForge is spearheaded by industry veterans from studios like Blizzard, Sony,  Microsoft and more.  Their game currently sits in beta, looking to release sometime in Q1 of 2014.  Gamer Assault Weekly was lucky enough to get our hands on a working demo of the game.

Nekro is a third person action strategy game by darkForge Games.  In it, players control a once powerful alchemist who was betrayed by their king.  As a result, players have become a powerful necromancer with the goal of revenge.  They will make their way to the king’s castle, killing townsfolk and summoning undead minions and demons along the way.

On the surface, the first thing that jumps out about Nekro‘s is the unique art style.  Creatures have an exaggerated and cartoonish look to them, following in the footsteps of games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends.  However, the jovial character designs come as a stark contrast to the over the top gore present within the game.  Players will see cute, chubby cows slowly become soaked in blood, almost as if their skin had been peeled off, moments before bursting into a chunky corpse. In the end it comes off as something you’d expect the cenobites from Hellraiser to present to their children.  It’s pretty awesome.

Nekro Blood

You know it’s going to be an interesting game when you can accurately use the word “Chunky” to describe it.

The gameplay itself seems pretty straight forward, borrowing from games like the Overlord series, where players set out and can either engage enemies directly or summon minions to do the dirty work for them.  As players level up and progress through the game, they’ll be able to unlock more creatures, each with different strengths and weaknesses.  Summonings are done through the use of a blood resource, which players can gain by devouring corpses of fallen enemies.  If they so choose, players can hold off on devouring the corpse and instead use it to summon a creature directly.  Doing so sacrifices the blood that would have been gained from the corpse, but in exchanged the summoned minion is stronger.

For the most part, not a lot of micromanaging is needed for the minions.  They will mostly follow the player around and swarm to attack any hostile creature that comes close enough.  Of course with these minions being enslaved hellspawn, they lack any sort of self preservation.  Unless told to retreat, the minions can and will attack whatever they can until death.  While at first they’re capable of overpowering some of the basic enemy types, bigger elite versions will require some strategic planning.

Nekro Town

I wonder if I can take these guys out on my own

Unfortunately during my time I realized that the strategic planning can usually take a back seat when confronted with some good old fashioned mechanic abuse.  There were more than a few times where I found that minions were not actually necessary.  Several of the encounters can be beaten simply by kiting the enemy around an object, and using a well timed sprint to get away from attacks.  More often than not I found myself attempting to beat levels without the use of any minions, and succeeding.

Nekro Townkill

Aww Yeaa. “Murrica!

The controls themselves are intuitive, with players using the standard WASD scheme to move their characters while Q and E are used to rotate the camera.  Players can change the hotkeys for the game, but can only do so during the Main Menu before starting the campaign.  After that they are unable to access any options menus unless they exit out of the game completely.  A feature I hope they change before the game’s official launch.

Overall, the game has a lot of potential and in my time with the game I found it enjoyable. The game is made so that my play style had to change depending on which characters were selected which allowed me to be creative with my combinations for summonings. However, the game is still lacking a bit in diversity, with most enemies having attacks that can become painfully predictable.  As a result, gameplay runs the risk of quickly become repetitive and unfulfilling.   Hopefully this is something they can change with time.  The game currently sits at beta, and is available through Steam Greenlight.



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