Beta test registration is now open for Haemimont Games’ city manager game, Tropico 5. The beta test will take place on the PC, but the game is also set to come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.

Many new mechanics are making their way to the latest iteration in the Tropico series, including time period progression. Players will be able to take their country from the 1800s through present day with the help of El Presidente’s extended family. Players will also see changes to the economy, trading, military, and the addition of multiplayer.

Despite the game being announced for the PlayStation 4 next-gen console, no word has been given on if Tropico 5 will make its way to the Xbox One. This will mark the first time that the series has been on a PlayStation console. Tropico 5 is scheduled to release at some point during Q2 2014


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