In a new business move Epic Games is opening up Unreal Engine 4 to anyone with their new monthly subscription-based system.

Prior to the new business model Unreal Engine 4 could be licensed, the cost of having the license wasn’t cheap. However, their new model is a flat monthly rate of $19, plus a 5% gross revenue from any commercial product. This will give people access to the engine and unless they are going to sell a game they made using Unreal Engine 4, Epic will pull a small cut from that. Founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney said,

“It’s not a shooter engine anymore, it’s for whatever you want to build.”

This affordable subscription has opened the doors for smaller developers and companies to use the power of Unreal Engine 4 in their games. New subscriptions will be available today at 12:30PM EST/9:30AM PST.


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