According to the PS Blog, it only took 9 days for the newest installment in the InFamous franchise to surpass 1 million sales. InFamous Second Son, the 3rd game in the InFamous franchise, became the fastest selling game in franchise history by surpassing the 1 million mark only 9 days after release. This tally includes digital and physical sales.

It was clear that Second Son was one of the premiere titles for either of the next generation systems when it was first announced a year ago, and the sales numbers show that this fact still holds true.

If you have already picked up Second Son and finished your playthrough, make sure to check out the Paper Trail missions that link with A new set of missions will come out every Friday until the 6 week content is finished. This Friday will mark the release of the 4th part of the content. InFamous Paper Trail is completely free. All you need to do is link your PSN account with the website to complete the missions.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of ISS yet, check out our review of it right here!

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