The first proper patch for inFAMOUS: Second Son will drop in around two weeks.

Sucker Punch says that they have listened to fan complaints and are addressing some of those concerns in this first patch. The first part of the patch will be the ability for players to change the time of day in the game once they’ve completed the story. Something else you’ll be able to toggle from the menu screen the HUD. Players will be able to turn off (and back on) the HUD so you can capture that perfect screenshot.

The last part of the title update will be the ability to lock the game at 30 fps. Sucker Punch has said that the game was meant to run unlocked, but that some have expressed interest in locking it so it doesn’t go above 30.

There’s no exact date yet for the release of the patch, but as stated above, players should see it in the next couple of weeks.


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