Well, it seems gamers won’t have to wait until May 4th to find out what the next Call of Duty is going to be; following earlier leaks, Activision has officially announced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with an official trailer.

Developed by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare focuses on a rogue private military corporation, led by a villain portrayed by Kevin Spacey,  that has turned on the United States government. The trailer features hoverbikes, a weaponized mech, and a cloaking ability for both characters and vehicles while hinting at abilities new to the franchise like an exoskeleton, superior strength, and the capability to jump further and scale vertical environments.

Call of Duty: Warfare is expected to hit shelves November 4th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments if you think this could help reinvigorate the series or if the Call of Duty era has reached its end.

“In the next Call of Duty, the world’s most powerful military is not a country. It’s a corporation.” 

Source: Polygon Image Source: VG24/7

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