As a fan of strategy games, I was ecstatic with the opportunity to be able to get my hands on Endless Legend by Iceberg Entertainment. The game is currently in Alpha and fans of Endless Space should feel very welcome here. Those new to the 4X strategy game genre prepare yourselves; you’ve got a lot to learn.


This looks all and well, I wish I could tell you whether or not I was doing well though!

The most unfortunate thing about the current build of Endless Legend is that there is no tutorial, no way of telling you how to play the game, or any sort of real hints. This is great for fans of previous titles from Iceberg Entertainment because they are probably able to hit the ground running but anyone else may find it difficult to get into the game. There are plenty of stats, options, and landmarks but I barely know what they actually do. In my first few plays I died within the first two turns because I had no idea how to make a settlement for my people to grow in. After that I learned how to build a settlement by mere accident, and then built army after army, which never turned out to be strong enough.

I’ve gotten to a point where I can last for hundreds of turns. Unfortunately I have no idea what my goal is, so I just keep completing the quests that are suggested for my next turn of action while trying to maintain peace among the other factions on the map. It feels like a giant game of Monopoly almost, instead of hotels and homes to keep track of, I have to keep tabs on and diplomacies that I need to work on. If someone with a better maintained economy or populace rolls into my territory they can “buy out” and my home or hotel, and by buy out I mean they can lay siege to my settlements take over my entire city. From my plays everyone hates my faction and wants me to die, despite my attempts at “thanking” them for not attacking me. Most of my citizens are happy, yet one village is thoroughly displeased with their situation. Perhaps letting them get put under siege repeatedly causes issues.


This is about what 100 turns can look like in a single game, an it seems I’ve barely scratched the surface!

Endless Legend seems like an enjoyable strategy game, and I’d like to enjoy it but I can’t figure out how to play it. I hope that in upcoming builds they have access to the tutorial readily made available. As it stands now, it clearly is made for those that have played a game of it’s genre previously so as to get the best possible feedback while its in development. For a game on Steam’s Early Access priced at $26 dollars, it certainly isn’t accessible yet for newcomers, which is a shame because I’m sure there is plenty in this game to be enjoyed.

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