Times are pretty grim these days; people have to stretch their money as thin as possible. Unfortunately for gamers, that means not always being able to buy the latest games. Luckily, though, there are a slew of reduced price games on the shelves at most local stores. The only problem with that is, how do you know the game you’re picking up for fifteen bucks is actually worth it? That’s where this article comes in handy! I scoured my own personal knowledge, as well as some sleuthing, and found five games for various platforms that are well worth your money.

Shadows of the Damned for Xbox 360

Let’s kick things off right with an underrated and over–the-top third person shooter. From the zany mind of SUDA 51, comes Shadows of the Damned. A game that takes players are on a trip to hell and back. Taking control of demon hunter Garcia Hotspur, gamers slaughter their way through a battalion of foes all while on a quest to rescue Hotspur’s love named Paula from the powerful demon Flemming. While the plot of the game seems to have a serious tone at a glance, I can assure you immaturity is very abundant. For instance the gun Garcia talks to in the game is actually a spirit named Johnson who will transform in to various guns named after male genitals. With that in mind , averaging around nine hours of gameplay, players are sure to get their money worth with copies of the game ranging from just $14.99 to $28.99. (Note: This game is also available on PS3)



You ever wonder why we’re here Johnson?

Limbo for PS3

Playdead Studios flagship game Limbo was met with exceptional reviews in 2010. By dropping players in a hostile, bleak world with no explanation of how or why they’re there, Limbo does not fall short on selling atmosphere. Guiding the nameless childlike hero of the game is by no means an easy task. From pressure plated traps, to flooding levels, and a giant spider, this game packs a lot of classic platformer with a hint of puzzle gameplay in an easily digestible three hour story. Costing players $9.99 to download, that seems a small price to pay for a trip through a dark and somber story. (Note: This game is also available on PC and Xbox 360)


Castlevania for Wii U

Porting the classic on to a modern day console, Castlevania offers player a trip down memory lane. Developed by Konami the game follows the Belmonts on their quest to stop Dracula. Starting with little more than a whip and three lives players must guide Simon Belmont through various stages to get to each chapter’s boss. The bosses consist of various monsters including Igor, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Grim Reaper himself, all leading up to the showdown with Dracula. Oh and don’t worry, you do not have to do it all with just Simon’s whip. He can pick up a few items throughout the campaign, like Holy Water, a knife, and a Stop watch which cost hearts. Attacks can also be upgraded with said hearts in sort of a pseudo RPG style. These items will be lost if you die, so tread lightly. For only $4.99 on the Nintendo shop, you can’t go wrong on this adventure.


The Binding of Issac for PC

Harking back to the good old days of the Legend of Zelda series, The Binding of Issac is a top down dungeon crawler with randomly generated levels and RPG elements. The story to this game is almost disturbing, in the best way possible. Young Issac’s mom goes crazy and hears voices in her head, mainly the voice of God. The voice demands a sacrifice as proof of her faith. Issac has no choice but to run as fast as he can away from his mother. Hiding in the basement, Issac ventures off into a strange land. He runs into strange treasures that transform him and make him stronger. He meets enemies of various forms; he runs into his own fears that have materialized and even his own forgotten siblings. All of this leads up to a showdown with his mother. If you can bear what this gruesome game brings to the table, it will run you around $4.99 in the Steam store.

Dementium: The Ward for 3DS/DS

For those of you who like to spend your time strolling down asylum halls, there’s a game for you. Dark, grimy, and way below health code, the asylum of 2010’s Dementium: The Ward holds a plethora of scary treats. The plot revolves around a man who is trapped in the asylum with the horrid experiments the doctors helped create. Since he woke up with no memory of who he is or how he got there (Silent Hill-esque, no?)  players must uncover what happened in the asylum all whist trying to escape the horrors within. The game lasts about five to five and half hours depending on how much you try to explore. That seems like just the right amount of time to spend in a disease infested asylum. For those of you who are worried about the control scheme, relax, the game has a first person point of view which you control with the stylus and you move around with the D-pad using the buttons to do various things such as shoot/ pick up items. The inventory system is also devilishly simple for a DS game. It runs along the bottom of the second screen and easily allows players to switch between weapons and items. The weapons, oh the glorious weapons! Starting out with little more than a nightstick and a sense of dread, players later get to boast a sniper rifle, a pistol, a buzzsaw, a shotgun, a revolver, and even a machine gun. Tons of diabolical weapons for dealing with some of the most gruesome looking monsters I’ve ever witnessed in gaming. The game also only runs around $6.99 at your local Game Stop or almost $20.00 on Amazon.

Told you, way below health code.


There you have it! Five games that are sure to not leave you thinking “I paid for this?!” If you have any suggestions for games for future installments of Games for Budget Gamers, please let us know below in the comments.

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