Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360)-

Let’s start things off right with a game that took me by surprise. Far Cry 3 is a glorious first person shooter developed by Ubisoft, that takes place on a gigantic island. With nearly perfectly developed characters and a highly entertaining story its easily one of the best games to come out of 2012. Not only that but the game boasts my personal favorite game villain Vaas Montenegro. His definition of insanity speech is one of the best written monologues I’ve ever experienced. With over thirty hours of gameplay, and the price point of just 19.99 (to 25.00 depending on your vendor) you can’t go wrong picking up this game.



Minecraft (Playstation)-

Mojang’s behemoth creative/survival adventure game has something for everyone. For those who love to spend hours creating buildings, or giant images of your favorite anime characters Minecraft’s creative mode will let you do just that until your hearts content. If survival is more your thing, jump into survival mode. Gather resources, build a house, make weaponry, fight monsters, and above all else survive in the vast, dangerous, randomly generated world. For only twenty bucks Minecraft offers endless hours of entertainment (myself have logged over four hundred hours in the game).


Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Wii U)-

The Walking Dead has become a juggernaut, With a hit TV show, toys, books, and more merchandise than I can throw my money at it was no surprise it got the video game treatment. While not as good as the Tell Tale series, the game still is decent albeit repetitive, for having only had a development cycle of less than a year. The game follows the fan favorite character Daryl Dixon on his quest to find his brother in the opening days of the outbreak and try to escape. The game boasts fantastic voice overs of Daryl and Merle Dixon’s real life actors (Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker).

It’s very easy to discount this game as an a money grabber, having simply been made to rake in extra cash from ravenous fans. However if you go in know that the game had little development time (and trust me it can take well over three years to make a good game) the game becomes enjoyable despite it’s short comings. The game is available on multiple platforms for between 15.00 and 20.00 dollars depending on where you shop.


They almost managed to capture Norman Reedus’s actual angsty look.

From The Abyss (3DS/DS)-

From the Abyss by Aksys games and Sonic Powered is a pretty solid title for being a DS game. It has a few minor faults like how the co op doesn’t let you progress the story but you can still go through the dungeons with a friend. The dungeons are randomized and they suit a random theme like fire, ice, and earth. Players also do not have to worry about stumbling around without a map. The game automatically completes the map as the player walks around the dungeon. As far as story goes it is pretty basic. A dimensional gate opens on a once peaceful nation, its armies could not defeat what came out of the gate and now the player must defeat it and save the world. All that must be done in a pretty standard action RPG style. Fighting monsters and exploring nets players XP and lets them build up their characters accordingly. For ten dollars for a brand new copy or five for a used players can enjoy this dungeon crawler without blowing their budget.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC)-

For those of you out there that need your horror fix Amnesia: The Dark Descent will surely scare your pants off. The game is a first person horror game, that relies on physics based puzzles. So in most areas the player will need to pull levers or pry open doors via mouse movement, or even get machines to activate. The game also has a clever sanity system. If you are in the dark for too long with out activating your lamp, or if you see a monster the game blurs and it gets progressively harder to see until the player finds a light source. The game also does a fantastic job of illustrating its “rules”. For instance, how players can not necessarily kill a monster. The player has no direct method to take the monsters on directly. In fact more often than not the player has to out run the monster and hide then make a break when the coast is clear. The game shows you this buy having the first monster you encounter surprise you and chase you after having given you ample time to mess around opening closets and doors to get a feel for the physics. The game possess a strong community that constantly adds new material the players can access and play adding countless hours of game play. For around eight dollars players can pick this up on the Frictional Games website as well as on Steam and various other vendors.


I don’t even know what these are they’re just terrifying

And so it goes, five games that are well worth your time and hard earned money. Not to mention they will keep you away from the evil sun this summer, seriously that thing is bad for you. If you wonderful people have any connotations on what games should be on future Games for Budget Gamers, please let us know in the comments below.


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    The only game that caught my attention was “From The Abyss” for ten bucks. Unfortunately I cant in good faith pick up a new dungeon crawler until I beat the one I’m currently playing (Etrian Odyssey Millenium Girl).

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      And you will be busy on that girl for some time, she is a cruel but fair mistress

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