Nintendo’s Digital Event revealed a new game coming exclusively to the Wii U by the name of Splatoon.

The game will be an 8 player 4v4 online action shooter and will consist of two teams controlling territory while attempting to take over the other team’s. To do so, players will splatter ink across the stage to claim territory.

In addition to ink, players will also have the ability to change back and forth between humans and squids. Each form comes their own separate abilities. Human players have the ability to shoot out ink, which is the core mechanic in Splatoon. Ink will not only allow players to take over territory, but they will also slow the movement speed and progress of opposing players.

Squids on the other hand will have the ability to “swim” through ink at amazing speeds, allowing players to move through anywhere that’s covered with ink. This includes both up and down walls. Players will also gain a slight tactical advantage, with their squid forms becoming camouflaged while they are swimming through ink.

Splatoon will also make use of the Wii U’s control pad, allowing players to adjust their view and aim by simply moving the screen. The Wii U game pad will also give players an overhead view of the map, which updates in real time which colors control which territories.

Splatoon releases exclusively for Wii U in 2015.


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