Every year around this time a tidal wave of movies release and reap our money from out wallets. A few of those movies go through the process of getting developed into low level games that do not do or play well. Once in a while though a movie tie-in game releases that is actually good, dare I say enjoyable to play. Below is a list of games that fall into that category.

captain_america_super_soldier_13Captain America: Super Soldier

The first Avenger got his game shortly after the release of his first movie in the new Marvel movie campaigns leading up to the original Avengers movie. The game is set in some of the bleakest days of World War II as Red Skull attempts to lead his army to victory. The fighting system for the game is pretty similar to the free flow combat in the Batman games of recent. So fans of games like Batman should have no problem playing the Captain’s game. Though instead of physics like Batman’s cape, Captain America’s trusty shield is thrown into the mix and the game allows players to use it pretty much like it’s used in the movie. Players can throw the shield, charge at an enemy with it, and of course block incoming attacks.  Captain America: Super Soldier is also written by Christos Gage, a well known Marvel author, which will surely boast comic book fans faith in the games story.


Oh he’ll play a game with you no questions asked!

Saw the Video Game

While not directly related to any particular movie, the original Saw video game is a pretty solid addition to the Saw franchise. Taking place between the first and second movies the game follows a detective named David Tapp on his journey to capture the Jigsaw Killer, meanwhile the famed killer is trying to teach Tapp about appreciating life. The game received a lot of praise for its story and how true it was to the core of the Saw universe, however, the game also received a lot heat over its clunky combat system. It’s pretty much the only hamarita for the game. Other than that the game is decent, it boasts clever puzzles, multiple endings, and a fantastically easy achievement list that can be completed with only a little grinding to complete.

Spider Man 2

For me this is arguably the best (numbered) Spider Man game. While I’m not a fan of Spider Man (I enjoy the Punisher, Deadpool, and Batman) this game did capture my attention as a kid. The story follows that of the second movie. The main villain is Doc Ock and a few side villains such as Rhino appear. The game also has a hidden surprise, in the cheat menu. By entering in the developers name backwards (hcrayert) the player was put at 40% and given several bonuses. If you did it with a save file you will be put on chapter 16 and receive a few other bonuses. Which helps immensely if you were like me as an ten year old and didn’t have a memory card to save on.


Tickle, Tickle!

X-Men Origins Wolverine

Loosely based on the movie bearing the same name, fans can play as Wolverine in all his glory in X-men Origins: Wolverine. The game takes pages out of various games books. The combat is very reminisent of games like God of War, in the sense that you can gleefully dismember your opponants and rip them limb from limb. This is done via various attacks such as light and heavy, but it all leads up to filling up the Rage meter so Wolverine can go nuts and become unstoppable for a short amount of time. As stated earlier the game does loosley follow the movie, but it also mixes in events from the comics as well. So players get to fight Deadpool as played by Ryan Reynolds from the movie but they also get some events from the comics like the events in Africa that eventually lead to Logan leaving Team X. The game holds up well and will keep your attention for the eight to ten hours of game play that it boasts. Though as a warning the end boss fight can be a little vextatious especially on harder difficulties.

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup
This game released along side the fourth movie in the series. In sort of a Harry Potter meets Madden style mash up players have the choice to go head to head in a versus match where players can be one of the four houses from Hogwarts and after unlocking them you can play as various characters from the universe like Krum a famous Quiditch player. The main “campaign” of the game is broken up as follows: the player starts in the schools tournament in whatever house they desire then they work their way up to playing in the world cup on different teams.

It seems like Hollywood will do anything to make a buck (talking about you Prince of Persia, you could have been so much more) even dumping an unimpressive game into our laps in the hopes that it makes money. Be that as it may they do throw us a bone and tell us how awesome we are occasionally with a good movie based game as you’ve seen above. If you have any more games based on movies that you think are great or have any comments please leave them  below for us.

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  • Section8

    I would say the Bourne game was pretty decent. Also Wanted.

    • Section8

      Even though they’re not the best ones, they’re the kind that you at least feel a little satisfied after you played them.

  • Mark Krijgsman

    I liked the amazing spiderman game a lot , it was a good continuation of the movie and was a solid entry in my book.