The Star Wars franchise has been a huge pillar of the gaming community for years following the original trilogy’s release, with classics like Star Wars: Dark Forces, Star Wars: X-Wing, and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron remaining fresh in our minds. Throughout my life, Star Wars games have provided hours upon hours of entertainment while I was building up my rank in Rogue Squadron on my Nintendo 64, or learning how to become a clone commando via Star Wars: Republic Commando on my original Xbox.

That being said, it’s been a few years since I’ve picked up a first or third-party Star Wars title that I became completely immersed in. Between LucasArts being dissolved by Disney and the franchise being handed over to Electronic Arts, we haven’t had much but teasers for the new Battlefront (which looks excellent, I must admit). So where can Star Wars fans get their fix? Well, if you are a PC gamer and have a few bucks to spare for Steam games, there are fantastic Star Wars mods out there for you to check out.

1. Republic at War – Star Wars: Empire at War – Forces of Corruption

Easily my favorite mod, Republic at War was started a few years back by a small team of modders over on Moddb with the goal of re-creating the chaos of the Clone Wars within Star Wars: Empire at War from 2006. The mod does require players to purchase both Star Wars: Empire at War and it’s expansion pack, Forces of Corruption, but you can also opt to go the Steam route and purchase the Empire at War Gold pack (which includes everything needed for the mod). Republic at War is an entire overhaul for the game, replacing the in-game factions with The Galactic Republic and the Confederacy. It’s certainly a gorgeous mod, one which replaces everything in the original game with custom models created by the mod team. While ground battles are still a little glitchy, the space battles shine in this mod, allowing engagements between many Venator-class destroyers and Lucrehulk-class CIS battleships across various planets. The mod comes with it’s own auto-installer as of the July, 2013 release which is easy to use and setup, just make sure the droids don’t overwhelm your headset with too many one-liners.

You can find Republic at War here.

Republic at War

2. Sins of a Galactic Empire – Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Sins of a Galactic Empire was a mod I stumbled on this past summer right after I picked up some titles on the Steam Summer Sale. One of those titles, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, turned out to be a steal – focusing on galactic conquest and building up empires in space.  That’s when I came across Sins of a Galactic Empire, another total conversion mod like Republic at War. Inspired by the older Star Wars: Warlords conversion mod for Homeworld 2, Sins of Galactic Empire features five factions from across the Star Wars Universe; The Yuuzhan Vong, The Galactic Republic, The Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Empire, and The Rebellion. Each of these factions features their own ship models, tech trees, and overhauled combat dynamics in the mod, allowing players to spend hours upon hours partaking in battles and building up their own empires with each faction. The mod is easy to install, with detailed instructions included in the download file. The modding team also has various add-on packs that allow you to customize your game experience, and are continuously updating the mod every few months.

You can find Sins of a Galactic Empire here.

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellio 2014-08-10 18-46-04-87

3.  Galactic Warfare – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was one of the games I always look back to as my favorite first person shooter. So naturally, when a few friends recommended I check out a Star Wars mod based on the game, I had to give it a shot. Galactic Warfare is another total conversion mod aimed to those of you who appreciated the first person shooter titles like Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars: Battlefront. The game replaces Modern Warfare’s factions with troopers from the Empire and soldiers from the Rebel Alliance and allows you to fight against your friends in multiplayer battles. While it’s the oldest mod on the list, it does still stand on it’s own with a loyal community of gamers playing the mod today. However, you will still be limited to playing multiplayer with this mod on fairly small maps, so it may not be for everyone.

You can find Galactic Warfare here.  (Image Source)



These are just a few of the many Star Wars game mods out there. If you have a favorite that isn’t on this list, make sure to let us know about it in the comments section. Are you excited about the new batch of Star Wars games that are in the works at EA, or are you still wary of EA after their numerous mistakes?


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