Activision Blizzard is in the clear over the patent claims made by McRO Inc. that accused Activision Blizzard of “automatically animating lip synchronization and facial expressions of 3D characters” with the same means as they use with their patent.

Activision Blizzard wished to dismiss the claim, saying that the patents “were invalid because they claimed well-known and long-practiced lip-synching methods implemented on a computer,” and the USDC took this and a previous case that the Supreme Court ruled on (Alice Corp v. CLS Bank International) before cancelling the two McRO patents that they used in the claim.

District Judge George H. Wu even cited the Alice case in his decision, bringing up that the original case was scraped due to too abstract an idea.

Activision Blizzard Chief Legal Officer, Chris Walther, said in reaction to the case, “Meritless patent cases such as this stifle innovation and the creative process across the industry.”


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