I seem to find myself on the opposing side of a lot of arguments. Especially when it comes to Zombie games needing to be purged(I feel aliens need to go away). It seems a ton of gamers think zombies have become oversaturated in video games. I however feel the opposite I love zombies and do not want to see them wiped out from gaming. If more games had zombies I’d be more than okay than that. So with that being said below are zombie games I recommend for you to pick up and enjoy.

Dead Island (Xbox 360)

Deep Silver released Dead Island a few years ago and it was met with a pretty positive reception. What it lacked in variety (of character models, areas, etc) it made up for with its often times hectic and wonderfully crafted multiplayer. Dead Island falls into a category of games where the multiplayer supersedes playing alone. If you have people playing with you the island of Banoi is a fun slaughter house. Likewise if your alone it can be an okay experience (you’ll definitely get more loot alone, if you have friends like me they don’t like to share the wealth). It also features a pretty odd alternate way to fight zombies. If you flip the control styles in the menu you can change the controls to make you use the right joystick to swing your weapon. It takes some getting used to, but if you want to make the game a little more challenging (and get an achievement while doing so) then I recommend trying it out. For as low as five dollars you can venture into Banoi yourself and take on this unique zombie title.


Dead Nation (PlayStation 3)

This title really isn’t that high on my “list of games I would recommend” but it does warrant talking about since it is a highly challenging twin stick shooter. I use the phrase “highly challenging” because I’ve never met a twin stick shooter that didn’t make me feel like I was trying to contort my thumbs into my own personal marionette. Dead Nation is still an okay game. The sheer amount of enemies on the screen was astounding, it rivals Dead Rising 3. In later levels the game has so many it genuinely seems as if the infected are a swarm trying to wipe out the human race. Which is exactly what good zombie games are supposed to do. For about fifteen bucks you can pick up this title, make sure to grab some friends as the multiplayer chaos is where this game shines.


Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Known by many as the penultimate zombie series, Resident Evil likes to get a little crazy with their zombie viruses. Resident Evil 4 is no exception to that. It features young Leon Scott Kennedy going into a highly infected area to get the presidents daughter back from assumed terrorists. Along the way he runs into a giant fish monster on a lake, and what seems to be a knight sent straight out of Dante.s Inferno, dogs that have spiked tentacles on their backs, and perhaps most haunting/crazy are the Regenerators and the Iron Maidens. Regenerators, of course, have the ability to regenerate dismembered limbs and when missing legs can slither on the ground at high speeds. Iron Maidens on the other hand have the same abilities as a Regenerator, but they also have huge spikes on them. They can also stretch their arms pretty far from their body to grab enemies and pull them into a deadly embrace. So true to Resident Evil’s style on top of the standard enemy you have a ton of crazy, almost unbelievable, enemies to deal with. For as low as ten bucks you can get this game on almost every platform. (15.99 on Wii)

Plants Vs Zombies (DS/3DS)

Plants Vs Zombies is a tower defense game that is astoundingly easy to pick up and play but devilishly hard to put down. The player takes control of an array of plant based heroes to defend Crazy Dave’s home from hordes of the undead. Sunflowers, Pea Shooters, Wallnuts and more gather to defend the residency. As you play more damaging and valuable plants unlock to your arsenal, but the zombies get more and more formidable as the game progresses ( you’ll see what I mean when you get to the rooftop defense stages). For as low as twenty dollars you can pick up this game and see how well your green thumb fares against the undead masses.


DayZ (PC)

Originally an Arma 2 mod DayZ is currently getting the standalone treatment. It boast pretty realistic qualities: such as the ability to starve to death, dehydrate, bullet drop, scavenging for resources, etc (not to mention character customization). I recommend if you are on the fence about this game to go watch GoldGlove stream it on Twitch. He plays this game all the time and it more often then not leads to some shenanigans. The game also features permanent death for each character. So when you die you better hope you remember your way back to your gear or that you have friends with you. The game also has a fantastic way of making you fear other humans just based on the possibility of what they might do. More often than not the player will try to kill you, or if you believe the stories you could run into a crew of people that beat you hand cuff you and force you to do things they desire in exchange for freedom. More likely though you will just be beaten to death and have to get a new character. It reportedly only cost thirty bucks for the early access on Steam right now and should be getting ported to consoles in the future.



Zombie Killer Squad (Android, iOS) –

I decided to throw you mobile players a bone this month and talk about a game. Developed by Section Studios, 3BlackDot, and several YouTubers (SeaNanners, Syndicate, CupQuake, etc) the game takes on the popular mobile genre of”Endless Runner”. You start out with a character named Luke and you run through the game blasting zombies and collecting coins to your hearts content. As you gain money you can unlock more characters (currently playing as CupQuake, working on getting SeaNanners), weapons, and customization options. Each character has thier own mount and catchphrases (I recommend hearing them a few times then turning off the volume as they can get repetitive and distracting). The game also features alternate routes spread throughout the adventure. ZKS is available now for free on iOS and Android.


In the ongoing argument on whether or not to stop making video games that have zombies in them, I firmly stand saying I love zombie games and don’t want them gone any time soon (keep doing what your doing Deep Silver). Hope you guys decide to pick these titles up. As always let us hear your opinions down below in the comments.

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  • Mark Krijgsman

    The human aspect is what makes me not want to play dayz

    • Allen Saunders

      That’s why I stayed away from it at first too, but then when I had played it for a while I had a random player save me from a group of snipers and it sort of convinced me that not everyone in the game is a collasal Dbag who wants my gear.

      • Mark Krijgsman

        if it gest cheaper i might have a looksie but right now , with my mental condition , it would send the neighbours into a frenzy 🙂 they would get sick of me shouting in anger