With Grand Theft Auto V’s next-gen and PC release right around the corner, Rockstar has promised loyal fans returning to the series some exclusive content:

  • Murder Mystery – Solve a murder as Michael to unlock exclusive Noir filters for both Storymode and Snapmatic pictures.
  • Rail Gun and Hatchet weapons – High Velocity weapon to take enemies out at long range, or something for those who prefer to get up close and personal
  • Wildlife Photography Challenge – new animal species waiting to be documented, unlocking the Kraken Sub
  • Stock Car Races – complete with custom muscle cars adorned with logos from Los Santo’s greatest companies
  • Monkey Mosiacs – Track down simian inspired graffiti throughout the city to unlock new monkey outfits
  • New Vehicles – Cheval Marshall Monster truck, Blimp and more.

Along with these, players who received exclusive content from either the Special Edition or Collectors edition will be able to access the content on the new systems. For those who missed out on the content, Rockstar promises to make it available for purchase in game.

Players will also be able to transfer their GTA Online character progress, however it will only be a one time transfer. Along with character progress, custom jobs created with the Creator tool will also transfer.

For more details, check out the official Rockstar post.