Well-known publisher Capcom has apparently announced their financial performance recently and the results were a bit on the negative side. For the first month of their financial year, Capcom has made $239.6 million in revenue which is 51.3 percent less that their previous period last year. Profits for Capcom came in at $26.8 million which is 39.9 percent less than last year.

Last year had been a considerably good year for them with the release of Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS. Ultra Street Fighter IV and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney Trilogy were among the better games that had steadier sales through the quarter, yet ultimately Capcom understands that their recent downturn in profit is linked to them having no major titles released.

As if things weren’t dropping enough for them, Capcom’s video game business unit, which is called “Digital Contents,” had even worse results to report. The revenue was $124.9 million down a devastating 64.1 percent compared to last year. Operating income was $19.4 million, a drop of 60 percent since last year.

When looking at what’s to come, Capcom definitely does have other things to look forward to that may potentially lay a foundation to fix their somewhat large decline with high-profile games in development. A free-to-play Playstation 4 game titled Deep Down and even Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and a PC and Console remake for Resident Evil. In addition, the new Resident Evil movie and TV show are in production as well. Only time will tell if Capcom can pull themselves from this rut.


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