A new Evolve trailer shows us a skin for one of the game’s big, bad behemoths. The Savage Goliath is rocking a flaming look you’d typically see only on hot rods. And from the look of it you’ll need more than a sling and stone to drop this bad boy. Savageness also appears to be at Macho Man levels. Every time one of these trailers comes out I’m guessing what kind of play style will be the featured bestie’s forte. The moves on display here include some sneakiness with the mini-Godzilla dive bombing from on high. There’s also some fire breathing going on so all you big game hunters out to stuff and mount this brutal beauty beware, you may come away with only a very extreme sunburn. To get the Savage Goliath skin you’ll need to pre-order the game for the Monster Expansion pack which comes with an extra monster character. Turtle Rock Studios, the guys behind Left 4 Dead, are starting hunting season this February 10. For more coverage on Evolve click here.

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