One of the coolest features of the PlayStation 4’s upcoming 2.0 update, and possibly the coolest feature on any next gen console so far, is Share Play. Share Play allows you to play games with your friends without both parties having to own the game.

Basically, if you have a game, like FIFA 15 for example, and you want to play against a friend who doesn’t have it, all you have to do is start a party, open a Share Play session and invite your friend into the game. Your friend will log in to your PS4 as a guest and take over as player 2! It’s a very simple process and it is amazing to think that the player without the game doesn’t need to own or download the game to play with you.

Also, if you want to let your friend try out a game you own, you can virtually hand them the controller and watch them play the game from your PS4.

These features are pretty awesome, and they are explained with ease in the YouTube video below. Will you make use of Share Play when it releases?

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