Howdy, Vault Hunters. The folks at Telltale are fixin’ to spin a new yarn and this time it’s on Gearbox’s wacky world of Pandora. Maybe “wacky” is not the best adjective but there really isn’t a word in the english language that means both “zany” and “violent”. You’ll be stepping into the boots of Rhys, a “suit” working for Hyperion and out to make himself into the next Handsome Jack. There’s also a high plains con-woman, Fiona, who you’ll navigate through danger and shady dealings. Bandits, robots, guns and gunslingers will no doubt abound.

There’s also a star-studded cast handling the voice work with Troy Baker as Rhys (Bioshock: Infinite), Laura Bailey as Fiona (The Last of Us) and Patrick Warburton as Vasquez (Seinfeld). Joining them is also Chris Hardwick as Vaughn (Talking Dead), Nolan North as August (Uncharted), Erin Yvette as Sasha (The Wolf Among Us) and Dameon Clark as Handsome Jack (24). The cell shaded style of Borderlands will be in good hands with Telltale as it’s right in the developer’s wheel-house. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more news on Tales from the Borderlands.

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