The Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is underway in Japan, and boy did we get to see some awesome bits in regards to the upcoming expansion!


The new race Au Ra

First we can begin with the official announcement of the New Race. One character in the game’s main scenario line has made players become acquainted with the new race known as the Au Ra. This is original to FFXIV and they feature horns and scale like skin on parts of their bodies. The women appearing more elegant, whereas the men more fierce and muscular.


The Astrologian


Machinist class

Two new classes were revealed as well The Astrologian and the Machinist. The Astrologian is a healer class that uses a weapon called the “Star Globe”. This class will draw cards in order to cast their spells and abilities. There is no base class required and can be played immediately at launch. The Machinist is a ranged DPS class utilizing guns and turrets in battle. Again no base class is required in order to play, and this class will be able to modify their guns during battle.


The Alexander Raid

A new raid was revealed which also turns out to be a Primal! Alexander is a massive mechanical fortress that will be taken down from the inside. The raid will feature both normal and hard modes and is only unlocked after completing the main scenario in Heavensward. Also clearing Binding Coil of Bahamut is not a requirement.


Revealing the Collector’s Edition

Don’t forget flying mounts are a thing in the expansion and you do get to befriend a dragon in the main questline! Also revealed was a collectors edition of the expansion, both physical and digital. In the physical you will get special box art for the game, a figurine of the flying dragon mount and the box will act as a fancy stand for the figure. An art book is included alongside a disc, similar to that of the original collectors edition, featuring “class videos”. The in-game items include a Final Fantasy IV Cecil themed Dark Knight Baron Helm and a Wind-up Kain minion. It will also include a Flying Griffon Mount too!


Flying mounts will be a new addition

Lots to see and do in the new expansion, we already knew of the new city and region to explore, and also about the Dark Knight class as well. I can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming expansion!


The Dark Knight class


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