Indie Scene – Cubicorn Games

When and where you’ll meet game developers, you never really know. After finishing the Killer Instinct tournament bouts at this year’s Youmacon, held in Detroit, the Renaissance center of Michigan, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this two-person team.

Youmacon is one of the fastest-growing fan events in the United States for those who don’t know, and it’s an event that covers not just Anime while the convention is at the forefront, but pop culture, internet culture, and gaming. So I wanted to be more prepared than I was when I met Dustin and Lorraine at their booth showcasing two titles for this meeting. The games they showed were the first I played was that of Super Cucumber, which is currently up for voting here on Steam Greenlight in early Alpha builds.

My time with Super Cucumber began as simple enjoyment of platforming action, then quickly turned into shaking my head at the errors I would make against some of the attacks on enemies. In its current construction, the controls are really tight, your movements throughout the levels, while rapid, can also lead you to trouble with some of the traps and enemies in the way. The final building boss I played had me deflect his projectiles into the platform pillars he was on to drop him to his doom. The game was so easy to play, but the challenge was enough to keep you going. It’s definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on if you’re a fan, a Rocket Knight, or even Megaman.

Down the Drain was the other game the development duo had on display. This was the title of a 2D shooter in which you play a snake tasked with clearing the gunk that causes the city to flood the pipes. The maps are always maze-like offering those who explore with unique power-ups and items rewarding. The game was in an early Alpha construction at the time I got to see it and looked pretty big in level size. It can also be found here on Steam Greenlight, too.

For all the latest info on the Michigan-based duo development team, check out On Twitter @CubicornGames, you can follow them too and keep up with the team there. They also released periodic podcasts that were constantly released between the development of the two games.