A survey of Black Friday purchases by analytics firm InfoScout has revealed Xbox One led the pack in console purchases, snatching up 53% of all systems sold. Combined with sales of the Xbox 360, Microsoft took 62% of the market share. Consoles bundled with games as well as price cuts deserve most, if not all, the credit. The Xbox One’s bundle of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Black Flag came with a $50 pricedrop from Microsoft and an additional $20 off from retailers just for Black Friday.

Sony’s PS4, which includes The Last of Us Remastered and GTA V Remastered retailed for $400. A savings of $70 seems to have tipped the scales in Xbox’s favor. It looks like Microsoft’s holiday price plan has paid off. Walmart and Target, according to InfoScout, both posted the Xbox One bundle as their top seller. There’s still plenty of holiday left and this weekend’s numbers shouldn’t affect Sony’s already strong lead on their competitors, so take this news with a grain of salt.

These numbers have to be seen through the special lens of holiday shopping. Many consoles were purchased as gifts and for just whom can be a revealing factor. For instance, parents buying consoles for children drove up sales of Nintendo’s Wii U. 92% of those responding to InfoScout’s question “did you purchase the console for your kids?” said yes to the Wii U. The mature nature of the games bundled with both the Xbox One and PS4 may have also been a factor. You can check out InfoScout’s post on their blog here.


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