UPDATE: It was brought to our attention that KAMUI was actually developed 11 years before ALLTYNEX Second. Chronologically AS takes place before KAMUI.

My second attempt at reviewing a Shoot ’em Up game has caused somewhat of an addiction to this style of play. ALLTYNEX Second is the prequel to the game KAMUI that I reviewed last week, and is also apart of the ALLTYNEX Trilogy. Its also strange that I come to you saying that I enjoyed AS much more than I did KAMUI. While AS is still a Shoot ’em Up game, there was much more gratification in playing this title than there was in its sequel. To be clear though, KAMUI was developed 11 years before that of ALLTYNEX Second, so there is of course a large graphical difference. There was plenty of challenge to be found, and yet more addicting gameplay than that of the sequel.

ALLTYNEX Second features what seems to be the same ship from its sequel, however some much cooler abilities are here as well. You still have your Lightning Katana attack, but instead of wiping out bullets fired upon you it deflects them. Your normal shots get stronger over time by not utilizing your energy bar, it also decreases if you use energy attacks beyond the meter’s current level. Your energy refills just like it did in KAMUI, however your level increases over time, and each level determines the strength of your normal shot. In AS, they also added a close range Laser Sword weapon, it deflects most bullets but also deals massive damage if you’re willing to risk getting close to your enemies. Also returning is the targeting laser system which also uses up your energy meter.


The sword is a welcome addition, its a shame it wasn’t in the sequel as it makes these encounters quite fun!

The game didn’t feature the challenge of fighting on two planes like it’s sequel did. ALLTYNEX Second only allows combat on the same plane that you’re flying on, that isn’t to say however that attacks can’t come from below. With the added melee mechanic you have plenty of high risk, high reward scenarios. You’ll find more success utilizing all four attacks in various ways to progress through the game. Its a shame that you can’t simply respawn repeatedly until you beat the game, but it’s also a plus that it takes longer than twenty minutes to beat five levels of play.


In ALLTYNEX Second we get the pleasure of playing in a 2.5D perspective. While KAMUI’s 2D visuals were a good throwback to a classic genre, they weren’t as satisfying as the added half dimension you find in AS. However, the 3D makes AS seem to be easier to handle. Objects on the screen stand out a bit more as the bullets come out in a clear view that doesn’t really blend with any of the explosive action you see as you play. There was a moment in which a specific enemy appeared on the screen that was blended in with the background of the stage. Whether that was a purposeful design decision, as the enemy is very much like the bits released in the Gundam anime, is unclear, but the slight blending didn’t make the enemy too difficult to discover.


One thing that I didn’t like about KAMUI was its lack of play time, I could easily blast through the game during a lunch break which almost makes me wish it were a mobile title too. However, ALLTYNEX Second lasts much longer and doesn’t give the luxury of being forgiving of your mistakes. I attempted the game on easy mode and while I got much further in the game than my normal run attempts, I still had to start all over again when I ran out of lives. The difficulty curve is very apparent between each level of play. Easy gave me more credits and spit out fewer bullets than normal, and the patterns were much easier to recognize. A feature I did really appreciate from the game was when you got hit the bullets on screen disappeared to let you reset your positioning. Unlike KAMUI, you only have two shields to protect you from attacks, and you can’t increase the amount available to you. So you must be really cautious and precise with your movements.

ALLTYNEX Second does much more than its sequel.  I doubt that the short time span of KAMUI was to be desired, but AS seems to get it right in plenty of ways. If I had to choose between the two, AS definitely comes out on top of KAMUI without question. The high risk high reward of melee combat, plus the combination of utilizing all four types of weapons makes the game much more engaging. Because of the need to restart the entire game when you die, it adds a layer of addiction that still has me coming back beyond simply reviewing the title. Although AS is a shoot ’em up through and through, it gives me much more of a Star Fox feel than its sequel. ALLTYNEX Second is definitely worth checking out, and the challenge is definitely satisfying rather than frustrating or overwhelming.

ALLTYNEX Second - Review
The Good
  • Highly addicting play
  • More action with more weapon combinations
  • Easy to play Difficult to master, creating a longer experience
The Bad
  • No Checkpoints, so you must beat the game on one set of credits
  • swapping between weapons is a button combination, can be a bit clunky to easily do so (practice makes perfect)
8Overall Score
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