Techland, the developers of Dying Light have finally put down a new launch date in Europe. February 27th is the date, which is a month after its physical and digital copy would have originally arrived.

The delay of a month impacts it’s launch in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Copies for North America will still arrive on time on the 28th of January as planned. As an apology for the delay, Techland is offering free Dying Light DLC. All box editions will include the Cuisine & Cargo plus Ultimate Survival Bundle add-ons, with no charge.

Whether you have a physical copy or digital download, the upcoming “Be the Zombie” multiplayer mode will be given free to everyone. The announcement for the delay came just days ago, which would be upsetting to fans considering it’s only a few days before the intended release.

“We would like to remind fans and media that Techland is responsible for developing and creating Dying Light,” a company spokesperson explained.

“The publishing and distribution of the game is not handled by us. Once we at Techland know more about how the release of the game will be coordinated, we will immediately inform everyone.”


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