If you hadn’t known, I’m a big Giant Mecha fan, from Gundam, to Aldnoah, to even mecha on a small scale like Medabots. I love mech battles, customizing them, I even have a Gunpla collection on my shelves. So when I saw Stardust Vanguards from the two man team at Zanrai, I absolutely had to know what it was about! It wasn’t too long before I got my hands on a playable demo of the game featuring its base 4-player local multiplayer which had me brimming with excitement!

Stardust Vanguards is a local 4-player game in which you will be dueling up to three other friends in a battle to be the best. The game blends together an almost bullet hell requirement of attention span, quick reflexes, and setting up your opponents for failure Bomberman style. You have the ability to dash, attack with a beam saber, shoot if you’ve collected ammo from defeated foes, and put up a shield to defend. Each match you spend flying around the various stages attacking your opponents to gain reinforcement points. These points are used to summon NPC allies to assist you in getting kills, and also make things much more difficult for your opponents. You can summon small fighter ships or larger battleships to join the fray. Reinforcements are also used to fire bullets from your mecha which home in on nearby targets. The game also features random events that will not only make things difficult for everyone, but also give players even more opportunity to gain reinforcements to use in battle. Sometimes Space Pirates will join the fray summoning a large wave of enemies for you to fend off all the while battling your opponents.

While my demo only featured the base duel mode, the final version will feature other modes as well. The game is intended to be open to playing how you want to play. So have a round with infinite ammo, swords only, or even unlimited reinforcements. Modes include a King of the Hill type mode, a Capture the Flag/ Soccer mode, even team battles, and a cooperative challenge mode.

Currently the game is only sporting local multiplayer, and fortunately it has been Greenlit on Steam. Stardust Vanguards is set to release very soon, and its definitely not one to miss, intense rock music and all! It will be available as I said via Steam and Humble, and will be available for Linux. For complete details check out more on all things Stardust Vanguards at their site Zanrai.com, you can even purchase the awesome soundtrack here! You can even follow the team via Twitter @Zanrai_int


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