Ahhh, February. The month of love, chocolate, romance and possibly the highest grossing month for, “discreet” doctor’s visits. Regardless, there are many types of love and it can be a little tough to understand what different types of love feel like. So before you head out and enjoy this love filled, some what nauseating month allow me to give you a few pointers.

Dark Souls – Multiplarform ( Masochism)

Every one has some particular aspect of their life that causes them pain, yet keeps them awake at night because they slightly enjoy it. For me it’s playing games that others find horrendous, just because I know I can get a decent amount of achievements from them, like SAW or WWE All Stars. Or worse, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, my friends tried to warn me but I just wouldn’t listen! Anyway, getting back to the point. If you are into getting your hopes and (pun intended) soul crushed then Dark Souls is the game for you. With an unrelenting repertoire of foes, literally starting the game for lack of better terms bare bones, the game is stacked against the player from the beginning. A true masochists dream that can be experienced for only fifteen bucks.


Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – Multiplatform (Narcissism)

Narcissism by definition is loving yourself beyond reason. What better way to love yourself then by indulging in some good old fashioned violence with an 80’s flair and a dash of nostalgia? Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has it all lasers, witty one liners, and so much cheesiness in its story that it could take care of all Wisconsin’s dairy needs. Following the typical action movie plot the player runs in to fight a horrible bad guy and his band of thieves, and eventually has a huge showdown after he of course had relations with a sexy scientist. Oh also the bad guy has mind controlled dinosaurs for you to fight, so have fun with that for around fifteen dollars.


Catherine – Multiplatform (Love Triangle)

If you’re not careful enough (in lieu of the aforementioned STDs) you could find yourself caught up in a love triangle. Whether the triangle is of your own design, much like it is in the game, or brought on by some adulterated debauchery it generally results in everyone walking away heart broken. In Catherine though, if you play your cards right you can walk out of the nightmare with either your smart, slightly controlling fiancé Catherine or the young, energetic, seductive Catherine. Either way the game plays out in a fury of puzzles that result in an emotional tension filled roller coaster that can be enjoyed for only twenty dollars.

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Escape Dead Island – Multiplatform (Sadism)

If you like subtly torturing the ones you love than giving that special someone a copy of Escape Dead Island is all you need to accomplish. Between the bad control scheme, the poorly developed story and the lack of multiplayer this game hardly resembles it’s hectic, and entertaining predecessors. The biggest problem I experienced with the game is that it did things for seemingly no reason and didn’t care that it happened. For instance, I walked into a room and suddenly the screen and controls inverted. I was walking on the roof unable to actually guide my character normally. After twenty long, foul language filled minutes I was finally able to escape the room and everything went back to normal. It was a quite peculiar event that you can experience for as low as twenty dollars.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Multiplatform (Brotherly Love)

The bond between brothers is something that I hear can’t be surpassed by anything. Older brother’s will literally go to ends of the earth to help out a sibling. Younger siblings, while seemingly going out of their way to cause a ruckus, often times idolize and adore the elder. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is no exception to that as Max fights his way to an evil king’s castle in a mysterious, danger riddled land. For only fifteen dollars you can dive in and experience the bond of brotherhood.


Dead Rising 2 – Multiplatform (Guilty Pleasure)
Every gamer has at least one game they keep putting in their console, despite how many times they’ve beaten it or how bad peers see the game to be. For me that game is Dead Rising 2. I thoroughly enjoyed running around killing the walking dead, and gathering clues to clear my name and getting presents for little Katey. Other than that I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes me love this game so much. It could be the array of amusing weapons and clothing options, it could even be the sense of accomplishment I got from the two harder boss fights after I beat them. Whatever the reason I highly recommend dropping the twenty dollars on this game.


Call of Duty: World at War – Multiplatform ( Explosive Personality)

While out and about it is totally plausible to meet someone who displays their ideals and loves so fiercely that they can only be described as having an explosive personality. The gaming equivalent of that is veteran difficulty on Treyarch’s classic shooter Call of Duty: World at War. Seriously. I’m not trying to make a joke here. The game will reign down a hell storm of grenades on you with every step you take, on top of the wall of bullets they constantly shoot at you. If you haven’t experienced it and are looking for a tempestuous experience then by all means spend the eighteen dollars on this game.

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Multiplatform ( Booty Call )

It’s late at night and you have that special urge. You know the one. You want a long, hardcore session, that dares to try something new regardless of the fact that it might not work. Instead of putting forth the effort into convincing someone to break out the chains and whips, just pick up a copy of Resident Evil: Raccoon City for five dollars ( a mere fraction of what you’ll spend on a real relationship). I recommend grabbing a friend or two and going all the way, to Professional Difficulty. It’s there that the game becomes an enjoyable frolic through the corpses ( I threw a bone here to any necrophilia lovers out there, please seek help). While the game is an aggravating mess when alone, it transforms into a minimal three hour get together. The perfect amount of time to scratch that itch, while avoiding that awkward morning after.




Viva Piñata – Xbox 360 (Whatever furies are into)

While I’ve never experienced what it’s like to be a furry, it seems to boil down to creatures with blank, horrifying eyes being in danger close proximity to each other. In Viva Piñata players are tasked with breeding and building a civilization of adorable little piñatas. Before you ask now the piñatas never actually have relations with each other, all that happens is the Piñatas do a cute little dance then a smaller piñata appears. It’s a pretty predictable relaxing game that you can experience for as low as ten dollars.

Well there you have it, a plethora of games to combat any type of love you have to deal with this February. From dealing with siblings to combating whatever kinky thing you’re into there’s a game out there for you. If you have any game recommendations that deal with love please let us know below in the comments.