Over the last couple years I’ve heard many people complain about a severe lack of couch multiplayer or co-operative games. The team at Bloober Studio aims to satisfy that itch with a bloody good time, or help you create new frenemies. Brawl is a mix of Bomberman with MOBA elements all with a horror themed backdrop. For now all that Bloober can say is the game is on the way soon, but have left plenty in the way of information to check out whats to come!

In a recent PlayStation blog post the development team had an opportunity to shed some light on the upcoming party game. They revealed a total of eight characters to play as and each with their own unique skill set. A couple examples they gave was one that could instantly switch places with a target, and another that had an ability to briefly immobilize opponents. While I did mention the couch co-op play, there will also be online functionality in case if your friends hate you for humiliating them too badly.

There are a handful of different multiplayer modes that will keep the explosive fun going. One such mode is that of Colour Domination, where the objective is to have your color spattered across as much territory as you can. Of course the classic Team Deathmatch mode is here, and an even smaller 1v1 duel mode is available.


Lastly there are plenty of challenges for you to conquer, and even a story mode to get your feet wet. Keep an eye out for Brawl coming soon to PS4!

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