Josh Hamrick, Bungie’s senior gameplay designer on Destiny, has left the studio to seek out new ventures in the gaming industry. This announcement, along with a string of others, came via his Twitter account.

Hamrick first joined the Bungie team in 2009 when the studio began production on Halo: Reach, their final entry into the Halo series. Now, Hamrick is moving on to another big name developer, Bethesda.

There is no word as to what Hamrick will be working on now that he is with Bethesda, but everyone assume that he will be a part of something new and big that will be announced at Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference this year.

Before ending his announcements, Hamrick wanted to thank all the people over at Bungie.

Everyone in the gaming industry was looking forward to Bethesda’s big announcement, and there is even more intrigue to add to the story with Hamrick joining the already stacked Bethesda development team.

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