Recently I finished the book Ender’s Game, and as opposed to the movie there was more depth into the mind of young Ender and how his strategy grew. The movie barely scratched the surface of the book, and I really enjoyed the game that was played within the lore of the book. Ender, for those that don’t know, was training to become a fleet commander and eventually played a game that simulated Space Fleet encounters. Every time he went into one of the training sessions I found myself wishing that I had the opportunity to try out something similar to what he was playing. Fortunately it seems my wish has come true.

The indie studio Special Circumstance Games announced that their upcoming title Shallow Space: Insurgency hit it’s Alpha Milestone and announced that they intend to work toward a Steam Early Access launch. The title was greenlit on Steam within six short days of it being there. Now the next step for the team is to get the game ready for early access, and to do so the team will be launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Shallow Space: Insurgency features full fleet customization as players take command of various ships each with their own unique capabilities to help perform various tasks. You’ll organize your ships into ‘Wings’ and ‘Flotilla’ to assist in managing operations and tasks for each set of spacecraft at your disposal. There are plenty of mechanics shown in the gameplay video that show just how easy, highly challenging this RTS can really be.

For more details you can check out the game’s official website here and stay in the know of this climatic RTS in the making.

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