“Indie Buffet of Gaming Goodness”

There was a lot to see at GDC this year, but while most people were ogling the VR demos in the main showroom, I was checking out all the awesome indies scattered throughout the entire conference. Sony and Microsoft both had some great games to display in the main building, the Indie Megabooth  was packed with some incredible talent, and I even ran into a few indie devs who just stopped me to show me their game. It was a true Vegas-style buffet of gaming goodness. This is the reason I came to GDC. 

Here are my Top 10 Indie Games from GDC 2015!

10. Extreme Exorcism

Extreme Exorcism is a game about a haunted house and the woman hired de-hauntify it. You play as Mae Barrons, a medium with an unconventional way of dealing with ghosts. Instead of crystal balls and seances, Mae brings an arsenal of shotguns and rocket launchers to ensure the ghosts learn their lesson. After each ghost you eliminate, another one will appear to copy your every move. Every action will come back to haunt you if you aren’t careful. Progress through 10 rooms with 20 different weapons to choose from. Once you’ve beaten your high score in single player, try out the multitude of challenges in challenge mode or fight your friends in a deathmatch or two.” (Golden Ruby Games)

Developer: Golden Ruby Games

Platform: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Website / Twitter

9. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary, the fourth game by Ska Studios, is a 2D hardcore action RPG that blends the brutal signature combat of The Dishwasher with an unforgiving world of demons and dungeons, traps and treasure, and gallows and graveyards.” (Ska Studios)

Developer: Ska Studios

Platform: PS4 / PS Vita

Website / Twitter

8. Anarcute

“Take control of a crowd of rioters, each one being cuter than the other. Fight the evil forces that took control over the great capitals all over the world and restore peace. Use the city to your advantage. Take whatever you can put your hands on and throw it at the police. Cones, street lamps, or even exploding cars ! You can even take down whole buildings to cause massive damage ! Anything is fair game when you’re on a quest to let cuteness rule!” (Anarteam)

Developer: Anarteam

Platform: Xbox One / PC / Mac / Linux

Website / Twitter

7. Gemini

Gemini is a poetic video game about a journey of two stars and an artistic expression of personal values and beliefs about life and human relationships. In the game the player guides two stars into the heavens to light up the sky by controlling the movement of a star that interacts with another little star. The two stars dance and surf in fluid motions, explore in a mythical world, interact with a responsive environment, and overcome obstacles. The little star expresses its own intentions and its relationship to the large star. The player learns about its personality and explores how to fly in tandem with it through the adventure. The story of Gemini is told wordlessly. It gives the player the freedom to determine the meaning of the game’s narrative and metaphors through playful exploration of the game’s setting and mechanics.” (Echostone Games)

Developer: Echostone Games

Platform: TBD

Website / Twitter

6. Tinertia

Tinertia is a hardcore platformer without a jump button. You can shoot rockets in any direction. Shoot at your feet to rocket-jump upwards or shoot to the side to gain speed. Shoot anywhere, all the time, infinite ammo for the win! Tinertia is all about physics. Master the controls to manipulate your momentum and go fast! There’s no speed limit, your movement is only limited by your skill. Prepare to die. Repeatedly. But then you’ll get awesome, and that will be awesome.” (Candescent Games)

Developer: Candescent Games

Platform: PS4 / PC

Website / Twitter

5. Inside My Radio

Inside My Radio is a rhythm-driven platformer adventure where your actions must follow the beat. You journey as a green LED mysteriously trapped inside a dying boombox: bring electro, dub and disco musics back alive! Are you up to the rhythmic challenge of Inside My Radio? Rhythmic awareness is required to jump, dash or slam. You have to be synchronized with the beat! Into a world where music is your best ally: never, under any circumstance, should you play on mute.” (Seaven Studio)

Developer: Seaven Studio

Platform: PC / Consoles

Website / Twitter

4. Unbox

Unbox is a cutting edge platformer about boxes gone mad. Utilizing the epic power of Unreal Engine 4 and the latest in cardboard technology, race against your friends, complete challenges and push heavy duty paper to its limits.” (Prospect Games)

Developer: Prospect Games

Platform: TBD

Website / Twitter

3. Tower of Guns

Tower of Guns is a fast paced randomized FPS for the twitch gamer, a short burst ‘Lunch Break FPS’ not unlike Binding of Isaac mixed with Doom 2. If you’re gonna win, you’re gonna do it within an hour. That’s a big if though… it won’t be easy. With random enemies, random power ups, random bosses, tons of unlockable items and weapons…and even random-level compositing–You never know what to expect! So grab a rocket-launcher, slap a shotgun-modifier on it, pick up a hundred stackable ‘double jumps’ (or centuple jumps at that point, I suppose) and get to conquering the Tower of Guns!” (Terrible Posture Games)

Developer: Terrible Posture Games

Platform: PC

Website / Twitter

2. Push Me Pull You

“Cooperative physics-based sumo-soccer. A videogame about friendship and wrestling. Push Me Pull You is a 2v2 sports game where you and your partner control the two heads of a single elongated body. Coordinate to wrestle the other sports-monster for control of the ball.” (House House)

Developer: House House

Platform: PC / Mac / Linux

Website / Twitter

1. That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon, Cancer is an adventure game that acts as a living painting; a poem; an interactive retelling of Ryan and Amy Green’s experience raising their son Joel, a 4-year-old currently fighting his third year of terminal cancer. Players relive memories, share heartache, and discover the overwhelming hope that can be found in the face of death.” (Media Greenhouse)

Click HERE to check out our INDIE SPOTLIGHT article on That Dragon, Cancer!

Developer: Media Greenhouse (1) / God at Play (2)

Platform: PC

Website / Twitter (1) / Twitter (2)



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